Financial Aid

Financial Aid & Racine Parental Choice Program Information

At St. Sebastian STEM Academy part of the Siena Catholic Schools of Racine, we’re dedicated to making high-quality Catholic education accessible to every family. Central to this commitment is The Siena Promise, a beacon of hope for families aspiring to provide their children with an enriching educational experience rooted in Catholic values.

Broadening Horizons with Financial Aid

Understanding that every family’s situation is unique, we offer a range of financial aid options. Our aim is to ensure that financial constraints never stand in the way of a child’s education. Families interested in exploring financial aid opportunities are encouraged to apply through Blackbaud Financial Aid, with application windows open:

  • For New Families: From October 1 through December 14, with award notifications sent in mid-January.
  • For All Families: From February 1 through April 15, with award notifications sent in mid-May.

Racine Parental Choice Program: Expanding Access to Education

In partnership with the Department of Public Instruction, we are proud to participate in the Racine Parental Choice Program (RPCP). This program offers full tuition coverage for eligible students from K4 through 8th grade, significantly reducing the financial burden on families and ensuring that a Siena Catholic education is within reach. Enrollment periods run from February to September, with specific dates for application submissions.

Your Path to Enrollment

Embarking on your educational journey at St. Sebastian STEM Academy begins with reaching out to our Admissions Office. Our team is ready to guide you through the enrollment process, discuss financial options, and answer any questions you may have.

Apply For Financial Aid

  • Apply via Blackbaud Financial Aid Management link.
  • Application Periods:

    For New Families Only:

    • Open: October 1 – December 14.
    • Award Notifications: Emailed in mid-January.

    For All Families:

    • Open: February 1 – April 15.
    • Award Notifications: Emailed in mid-May.

Contact and Support

Admissions Office
For any questions, reach out at 262-812-0155 or [email protected].

Bilingual Admission Coordination
Para preguntas o ayuda con cualquier paso arriba en español, por favor contacte a Cintia Sanchez, Coordinadora de Admisión Bilingüe al 262-753-1471.

Text Our Team
For convenience, text your inquiries to 262-598-7017.